Discounts are favourite of everyone and thats the reason why we love outlet stores of various popular brands. This is the reason why these outlet malls are expanding, building new malls and signing up new retailers.


We all know from these outlet malls we can save a big amount but are we sure about the merchandise we are getting in the names of the big brands. To check the facts the best way is to compare the product of outlet mall and the retail shop of the same brand. When compared sometimes it is always found that merchandise from outlet mall were never of the same quality.

A Coach bags that normally retails for $448 was $130 at the outlet. When two coach bags were compared, The store bag has softer leather, softer lining, it’s got more pockets and sturdier hardware.

Now the question arises how genuine is the merchandise from outlet malls and why we are paying more in the name of brands, when not getting the same quality. This is a question always comes in mind but goes off without any answers.

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